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Women are not the only minority group organizations serve, yet female travelers do need to be alerted to the unique challenges they may encounter during their work journeys. But instead of singling out one group, she suggests that companies focus on providing education and training for everyone across the board that includes information on the specific issues minority groups face. With that in mind, here are some safety guidelines that are aimed toward female travelers but also apply to all traveling employees. To prepare employees for the realities they may face in a foreign environment, many companies provide them with country-specific briefings on the destinations they are visiting. Such profiles may include information on the local laws, appropriate attire, meeting protocols as well as gender-specific etiquette pointers.


Women business travellers face many difficulties. Just like any traveller, women face issues during business travel as well.

Be flexible

Many issues and problems being same the most essential difficulty women face on a corporate travel is with safety and security. Security and safety concern is what trouble companies and women while on trips. Try to pack cheap and light. If your luggage is too heavy, you might have to resort to help from other people so it is better to keep your luggage light. Try buying trolley briefcases, as they are much easier to stroll around the airport and also helps you to get in and out of the airport quickly.

And on the other hand, carrying heavy luggage not only weighs you down but slows you down as well.

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Always remember to make prior reservations at hotels, cabs and at every stop. Keep in touch with them do cross check once.

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Planning ahead prevents you from being stuck at the airport. You can also get yourself registered at cabs and hotel services so that they timely update you with your plan.

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If you are travelling on a business trip, carrying a backpack is sure to leave some creases on your freshly ironed blazers. They are heavy to carry and are not easily portable.

Put safety first

Especially in city environments, backpacks are not a good choice. There are always numerous places to explore wherever you go if you get free early or some time away from work to try out new cuisines, take pictures and get to know the locals around.

Always carry back up credit cards and some cash hidden inside your carryon. If some mishap happens like, stealing or misplacing; you will always have a back-up. Another fragile thing that can get lost is your passport, so better keep an extra copy of your passport and driving. Do not be shy to ask for female staff or hotels run by girls and ladies.

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If you think you have been put in the wrong room, do get it changed. Always ask for alternatives if uncomfortable. Consider buying a device like a door jammer for your room. There are always some particular essentials required for a nice comfortable trip.

The rise of female business travelers

Here are some items that you can pack for yourself. Stop people from peeping in your room, by always keeping the curtains closed. Always call for breakfast room service instead of using the breakfast room service cards that you can hang on your doorknob. Choose a hotel which has lighted parking lots and interior room entrances.

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You will find many hotels that lock all doors to the hotel except the front door and only guests with key cards can enter the hotel through those locked doors. Such hotels are the best and safest option. The mazor step for travel safety on a business travel is to never let yourself feel vulnerable.

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Access maps and keep track of the ways. Always keep your phone fully charged or carry a portable charger for yourself.

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Spot a public place like a restaurant or something, sit there and then try to figure out. Talk to locals or call up the hotel service. The mazor step to being safe is acknowledging the danger.

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Pack items that will keep you secure like, consider purchasing a personal safety alarm that you can carry in your bag or wear around your neck under your clothes. Make things less obvious by not put your laptop in a bag emblazoned with the Apple logo. Slowly situation like gender inequality is getting lesser evident and women are growing in power.

With spotlight on female travel safety, how to protect all employees during their trips

They are capable, responsible and dependent. Woman business traveller carrying her trolley bag out of the airport. So here are some tips for the women business travellers! Please follow and like us:.

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All business travelers have plenty on their plate.


Female solo travellers make up a ificant portion of hotel guests across the globe.


As the percentage of women in senior and board positions continues to rise, the female traveller is one of the fastest growing segments of the corporate travel market.